Rolling Notary

The job of your Notary Public is to verify that you are signing documents with the full knowledge and sense of what you are signing and that you are not being coerced. This adds significantly to your sense of security. The Notary must also verify that you have proper identification.  It is not uncommon for your Notary Public to be able to detect and prevent fraud.

Freelance Writing

Are you at a loss for words? Let me help you. Many people don't have the time or patience to create e  copy or manage their social media. Other tasks take are higher on your ToDo list.

Whether  you need brochures, social media posts, flyers or other content, we are here to make your project easier.

Other Creations

Welcome to the world of Other Creations. After  years of experience and practice there are  many areas where we can help you. We have highlighted three of these areas, there are more. Contact us if you have a project that needs expertise and help

Other Creations                    

Business Services

There a a lot of ways to build

your business. Whether you are building a  social media presence,  you design your sales materials, build brand, or

and other project we are here to help. Other Creations has a long history of helping  clients coordinate their projects. We have the experience and the

tools to help you get your project completed. Let's discuss how we can work together.

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